Sunday, June 17, 2012

Rock of Ages Soundtrack #1 on iTunes

The Rock of Ages soundtrack is currently the #1 album on US iTunes all genres chart! The album topped the Soundtrack chart last week, and with the release of the film this weekend, the album began climbing fast on the digital retailer. Make sure you pick up your own copy if you haven't already!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Rock of Ages: Review

Last night I had the opportunity to see Rock of Ages at a screening in New York City. Considering I've followed the film, and kept this blog updated for the last year, it made sense that I go. Let me preface by saying that I'm a long time fan of the show. I've seen it on Broadway more times than I can count. Initially I was excited for the film, because Adam Shankman was directing it and to say I'm a fan of what he did with Hairspray is an understatement. I've seen Hairspray 5 times in theaters and continue to re-watch it on bluray till this day!. Once production started I was iffy. So much seemed to be changed a long the way, and I didn't understand the need to cut certain characters, or change certain elements of the plot. Still, I was excited to see one of my favorite shows get the film treatment.

Once the film was complete and screenings started popping up around the country, I got even more excited. The reaction from all of the screenings on twitter was overwhelmingly positive. So much so that I though maybe Shankman did it. Maybe he pulled another Hairspray. Then the reviews started coming in. I never expected the film to get universal praise like Hairspray did, after all it is Rock of Ages. But I never expected such hatred by some of the critics. Suddenly my excitement started to fade. It even came to a point where I felt I should just avoid the film altogether as to not be horribly disappointed. But, when yesterday's screening came up, I just couldn't say no.

To my surprise, the film is not as bad as some critics are saying. Actually, it's quite the opposite. From the moment the film began and I saw Sherrie singing "Sister Christian" on a greyhound bus, with all of the passengers hilariously joining in, I knew I was going to love it.

Let's start with the good. Diego Boneta and Julianne Hough are adorable together and play Drew and Sherrie the way I always envisioned them being played. Sweet, innocent, and full of absolute love for rock 'n' roll. The rest of the cast is just terrific. Catherine Zeta-Jones is hilarious as Patricia Whitmore, the mayor's wife. There was something about her character that felt straight out of a John Waters movie - and that's a great thing. Her big number, "Hit Me With Your Best Shot", got the loudest applause in the theater. Jones and her on screen husband, Bryan Cranston, created comedy gold.

Alec Baldwin and Russell Brand are an unexpected comedy due. I seriously hope these two work together again. Their chemistry needs to be bottled. Paul Giamatti is sleazy (as he should be) while Mary J. Blige is glamorous, if not underused.

The MVP, of course, is Tom Cruise. His Stacee Jaxx is so absent from the world that even the blankest stare makes you laugh. His performance is fantastic, especially during "Pour Some Sugar on Me". He has one seen with Alec Baldwin that made the entire movie worth while.

Now, let's get to the bad, and yes there are some things that don't work. Some of the numbers aren't as well crafted and exciting as others. "Hit Me With You Best Shot" is probably the best overall number in terms of musicality, vocals, choreography, and comedy. If all the other numbers in the film were as well crafted, this film would be out of this world.

Another issue I had is the comedy. Pretty much every joke in the film hits, and works, but they're far and few in between. This film is easily not as funny as Hairspray, which is disappointing because it should be funnier.

My last issue is that I felt like Drew and Sherrie were on screen a little TOO much. They were both great, but their story line provided little humor so it felt out of place at times. And when the rest of the cast is as good as it is, you'd just rather see more of them.

All that aside, I enjoyed Rock of Ages immensely. If you are a fan of the show, see it. You'll love it. I was surprised with just how faithful it was to the stage show.

Rock of Ages opens this Friday.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Stream the Rock of Ages Red Carpet LIVE!

While it feels like just yesterday I started this blog, tonight is the premiere of Rock of Ages! At 8:45pm PST/11:45pm EST the red carpet will stream live on the Rock of Ages movie facebook and youtube pages. The all star cast will be in attendance, as well as exclusive performances from Def Leppard and Poison. Don't miss the party!